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Idolian Launches Android Tablet IdolPad for Less than $100

Most people balk at inexpensive Android tablets, they think they’re cheap and worthless. I tend to agree, or at least I used to. Time is here that inexpensive isn’t that bad. Idolian has jut announced a 7” tablet for under $100, $99 to be exact. The specs are Android 2.3, 1Ghz CPU, front camera, Wi-Fi, G-Sensor and even HDMI output. Yes the screen is resistive so that a bad thing, but the price and specs more than make up for it. before you start ragging on cheap Android tablets, I own an Idolian tablet, the TouchTab10 that runs Android 2.3 and it’s getting ICS very soon, in fact they’re hooking me up with it before it goes live. I’m just waiting for them to send me the files today actually. Anyway I have to say it is a great tablet, the TouchTab10 has a price of $239 and it’s well worth it. I use it all of the time and it has excellent battery life and it can handle anything I’ve ever thrown at it. is pleased to announce the new 7 inch Android tablet PC IdolPad. Idolian is a tablet PC manufacturer and distributor with its offices in Newport Beach, CA, Arkansas and South Korea. Idolian’s vision is to produce reliable Tablet PC, priced between $100-$299 that any individual or small business can afford.

IdolPad has a sleek new style and feel. It runs on Cortex A8 Chipset, 1 GHz CPU, 512MB, 7” Multi Touch Resistive Screen, Front Facing Camera, 360 G-Sensor, HDMI output on Android 2.3 OS. Also IdolPad offers WI-FI connectivity and a long lasting battery life (4-5 hours), Android Google Market, Flash Player. Its compact size and light weight is also easy to carry and fast processor makes it easy to operate even with resistive touch screen.

IdolPad can work as eBook Reader, Game player,MP3 players and as video player. Also IdolPad can get turn into mini laptop with the keyboard case.

IdolPad is available to purchase at special promotional price of $99.99 at offers "Free UPS shipping both ways" for easy buying decisions for customers.

"IdolPad is the cheapest tablet PC that works with real Android OS. There are many customers that had bad experiences with cheap tablet pc in the past but with IdolPad they will get true Android OS experiences. We expect IdolPad to be hot item for parents buying tablets for their kids. Many parents who owns Apple IPad wants to get their kids off of their IPad. IdolPad will be perfect tablet PC for them." says Simon Lee, Director of Sales.

IdolPad is currently available to purchase from It will be launched on all the major online retailers such as Amazon and in the near future. Thanks to its established retail distribution, Idolian tablet PC’s will be widely available at cellular locations throughout the USA and South Korea in the near future.

All of Idolian’s Tablet PCs comes with a 1 year limited warranty that is serviced in the USA and offers extended warranties and protection plans for sale only on

About is division of Idolian Mobile, Inc, an international telecommunication company that terminates calls throughout the world. Idolian Mobile Inc. is headquartered in Newport Beach, California and has two branch offices in Arkansas and Seoul Korea.

Like its slogan “Tablets for Everyone,”’s mission is to become a major brand for Android Tablet market that everyone can afford.

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