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Mobility Digest Review: ifrogz LuxeLean iPhone 4 case

I was sent a case to check out and as soon as I got it in the mail today, I had a feeling that the incase iphone 4 snap case I was using (free from Apple after ‘antennagate’) was living on borrowed time.  The ifrogz case is much better looking and feeling than the incase, and it has some ‘features’ that the incase is sorely lacking.

If you’re curious what a case could possibly have over another case, it’s actually quite simple: Not impeding the functionality of the device.  It’s a HUGE feature to have, and the ifrogz case delivers whereas the incase fails horribly.

I present you with exhibits A and B:
This Photo Was taken with the ifrogz case on:

This photo was taken with the incase case on:

As you can plainly see, the incase case has a SERIOUS flaw.  The plastic around the lens and flash is WAY too close to the flash and washes out every single picture that needs a flash.  Big WIN to ifrogz in this arena.

And the wins continue on the button hole front as well.  The incase case has two separate holes.  One for the volume buttons and one for the silent switch.  The ifrogz case only has one single, but much larger hole for both the volume buttons and the switch.  The ifrogz case makes it simple to manipulate these buttons and switch, but the incase holes are too small and make for awkward use.

Above: Incase on in the left photo, ifrogz on in the right photo.

The ifrogz case fits more snug than the incase, and it has a bit of added padding to the backing so the plastic doesn’t damage your delicate rear glass panel.  The ifrogz case has those cool looking vent-slats for grip, and has a better over all ‘velvet’ feel to it.  The ONLY thing that I feel that I should gripe about is that It has a slight ‘quirk’ to the edges along the corners of the case.  The incase only has smooth, rounded edges where the ifrogz case has a few seams.  That is the ONLY area the incase case gets a nod.

All in all, I  would recommend the ifrogz case over the incase case.  Without a doubt.  It’s a far superior accessory.

Watch my video review here: