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iLuv Debuts Revolutionary and Stylish Next Generation Charging Solutions

Normally when I see stylish in a title I’m not one to believe it, it always seems my definition of stylish isn’t the same as theirs. Or most of the other time stylish just means that it resembles something from Apple. These can be used with Apple products but most of them can be used with anything really. They are quite attractive looking, these new accessories from iLuv. There’s a bunch of them they’ve just announced so check them out below..



The new line of power products is crafted with a high design aesthetic uncommon in this category of products, appealing to the design-conscious, world-traveling users of today’s ever-more-hip mobile gear.


DreamTraveler™ (iAD301)

The CES Innovations and iF Design winning DreamTraveler™ (iAD301) is, as its name indicates, a traveler’s dream. It’s a slim travel-size combination power strip with surge protection and USB charger for iPhone/ iPod / iPad with a slide-out charging dock. This is particularly advantageous considering the limited outlet availability commonly found away from home. The DreamTraveler can power up to six devices at once with its three grounded outlets, two USB ports, and one USB charging dock. With one 2.1 amp and two 1 amp USB ports, it can quickly charge all your Apple devices. It also provides three grounded outlets to plug in a laptop, a digital camera and an e-Book reader, for example.


RockWall™ (iAD710)

The elegantly designed RockWall™ (iAD710) is a dual port USB wall charger that packs a total of 15.5W of power to simultaneously quick-charge an iPad and an iPhone/iPod. The device is cleverly engineered to accommodate various international plug adapters so this will be the only charger you need when traveling abroad. It also has a swiveling base that allows it to be connected to an outlet strip on the floor, an outlet on the wall or folded closed for portability.


DualPin™ (iAD610)

The CES Innovations award-winning DualPin™ (iAD610) is a dual port USB charger designed exclusively for automobiles. The dual ports pack a total of 15.5W that quick-charges an iPad and iPhone simultaneously. No matter where the power socket is hiding, the head of DualPin swivels to provide easy access to its pair of ports. One port provides 2.1 amps to charge power-hungry devices such as the Apple iPad while the other port charges an iPhone at its maximum rate.


MobiSeal™ (iAD530) & (iAD540)

The MobiSeal™ (iAD530) is a micro-USB Car charger designed to quick-charge any Apple mobile device. TheiAD540 version works exclusively to quick-charge GALAXY tablets and smartphones, like the GALAXY S series, as well as other smartphones.

The award-winning power solutions will be on display at the iLuv booth #13036 at CES January 10-13 in Las Vegas. The booth will also feature other new iLuv products, including the Kindle Accessories Suite and the world’s first speaker dock specifically designed for Samsung GALAXY Tablets.

Pricing and Availability

Prices for the iLuv Charging solutions start at $19.99 and will be globally available at select retailers in May.