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IMDb Mobile v0.45 – Movie Info and Trailers


We just got hooked up by one of our Forum Guru’s jimski and I wanted to share more of his awesome work. Please head over to our forums (and register) to check out our community and more of jimski’s work: CLICK HERE

“I was reading my PocketNow RSS Feed tonight and came across a new app by Blade0rs over at XDA-Developers. It’s called IMDb Mobile, for Internet Movie Database. The link to the thread is here. From what I have read, the app mimics the iPhone app with the same name. It’s still in beta but I found it to be pretty stable (no lockups or freezes but it did kick me out once).”

“NOTE: If you don’t have an Unlimited Data Plan or have access to WiFi, don’t read any further. This app consumes lots or megabytes. Playing with it tonight and trying to get videos to work (more on that below) ate up more than 95MB’s .”

“The app let’s you search for info about: movies, TV shows, actors, directors, etc. You can also view movie trailers . You get started by: entering a search term, viewing the Top 250 or checking out what’s Coming Soon. As you can see in the screen shots below, I entered "Indiana" and was presented with all the Indiana Jones movies, the Young Indiana Jones TV series, a movie names Indiana that was released in; 1916, 1920 and 1966, a TV series called Indiana, an Indiana Jones Video Game, movies and another TV series; The Adventures of Young Indiana, and some other stuff. Quite a thorough selection.”

To Check out more of jimski’s articles and review of IMDb’s new Mobile App, head on over to our forums for the complete write up and a bunch of screen shots. CLICK HERE

Big huge thanks to jimski for writing this up for us!

Thanks also to tipster Nadal!