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In Call Screen Timeout SOLVED (Again)

I know, it was only ten days ago that we posted that the in call screen timeout issue was solved(you know, the backlight turns off when you get on a call) . For those of you who read the comments you may have noticed a comment by Chris (chrisjaffe on XDA) about another solution to this issue. Chris’ cab gives us the traditional style of ‘no sleep’ meaning that when you get on a call the backlight stays on and after about a minute the backlight turns off but the screen remains on (but dimmed) at all times regardless of the angle or placement of the phone. The advantage of this method is that it works at all angles all the time (so you don’t need to turn your phone face up – you can be looking at it straight on). The disadvantage is that the screen is always on so you may accidentally hit a key when you put the phone to your face. I think in the end it’s all a personal preference, and fortunately we have options now:)

I’ve tried Chris’ solution for a few days now and it seems to be working flawlessly for me on a Fuze stock ROM (share your experiences on your ROMs though). If you install this application I would uninstall the StevePritchard and 600GOL (orientation based) application since they have different responses to the same parameters so you need to pick one:)

Chris’ application is located here and a backup is in our forums here. Remember to soft reset after an installation. Thanks again to Chris for providing this and to Da_G who provided some useful info for Chris to work with.