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Increase Speaker Volume: The Manual Method

There have been a lot of complaints that the Touch Pro’s speaker volume isn’t loud enough and isn’t as sharp as it could be. Well, Rottis of XDA took things into his own hands. So, what’s involved? Making the speaker hole bigger (go grab your scissors), scrapping out some of the plastic on the inside of the casing, adding some sound insulation and then throwing out a few unused parts. Don’t think that you can do this and return your Fuze to the store if something goes wrong (even if it’s totally unrelated). In fact, Rottis wrote "I’ve broken one already, did the mistake to grab the speaker wires and the speaker stopped working as the wires cut off." If you’re really thinking about this, you may want to pick up a replacement cover and modify that one, but that just shows you how afraid I am of taking a scissor to my Fuze:)

For the step-by-step check out Rotti’s posting at XDA. If this isn’t your thing a bluetooth speaker may just be the way to go:)