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Infinity Blade coming to large screen multi touch displays

infinity-blade-2aEasily my favorite game for my iPad continues to evolve and get better not only with the second edition of Infinity Blade coming this December, but the move from iOS to multi touch large screen HD devices as well. Chair Entertainment, the makers of Infinity Blade, have not only announced, but showed of it’s new direction at the  GEEX Consumer Expo and to simply put it mildly, this is bad ass stuff coming from them!

Donald Mustard, the Creative Director introduced Infinity Blade FX which that makes use of Chair Entertainment’s Unreal Engine 3 technology and adapted it to a HD 46 inch large screen with multi touch capabilities that make use of optical sensors that allows the player to interact with the game using both hands just the same way you would playing on an iOS device like the iPad 2. Now Chair Entertainment has partnered with Adrenaline Amusements to bring to a wide variety of venues like Dave and Buster’s arcades, movie theaters, airports which we should see rolling out this fall. Not only will you be able to play Infinity Blade with both hands interacting with game, but designers have engineered the game with multi-player capabilities which will allow added players to join in with your game. Much like the way Infinity Blade introduced Arena to the iOS devices.

The last bit of good news is that Infinity Blade 2 coming to iOS this December will make better use of iOS5 and the A5 processor as well as take advantage of iCloud.  IB2 promises to have even more gameplay and a new social multiplayer mode called “Clash Mob”. Things are definitely looking good for Infinity Blade fans!