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Install Express – A Better Way To Install Apps

There are lots of reasons to install a series of apps at a time. For some it’s because they are hooked on flashing. For others they are forced to hard reset and just want to have all of their apps reloaded. And for others they are just lazy and wait for a lot of apps to build up before transferring them to your phone and running them. Well whatever the reason is there’s a new competitor in town. In the past the options were User Customization and Sashimi (which Farmer Ted wrote an excellent guide to in our forums) but Install Express is a very straightforward and easy to use application that should be considered. It’s pretty simple – Install Express will find all of the cabs you have on your phone and if you want to install them just check the boxes. You can choose to be prompted before each app installs or it can run in silent mode where it will just fly through them. Of course, you can save your list so you can restore that app list if you flash at another point.

install express

Once installed, just go to the Settings Tab and scan all directories and then scan for all cabs and then check off the ones you want to install and when it’s set got for it. I actually do not use silent mode so I can control the location of the installation. It works for VGA and WVGA phone (so the Touch HD and Touch Pro lines work but not the Tilt). All in all Mikey likes it. This is an application I intend to use when I flash to Herg’s latest creation.

This is the work of Nico331977 from XDA (along with Zitoun for graphics and icons) who should be thanked for a great contribution. The download is available from here at XDA.