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Introducing a FUNctional, “On-Hand” Stylus Ring for Touch Screens

At first I was ready to make fun of this thing, but then I read some and thought about it. I’m still not sure, but I’m not going to make fun of it as it does seem rather useful. It’s a stylus that your wear on your finger like a ring. Again I’m just not sure about it… What do you think?



Idea Incubator Inc., a product design company, announces the launch of the txtRng:)™, an innovative, modern ring stylus for touch screens and small electronic devices. The txtRng:)™ is designed as a functional accessory that enables accurate texting, Internet navigation, drawing, gaming and typing on touch screens and small electronic devices such as iPhones®, iPads®, iPod touch®, HTC® phones, Android® phones, Kindle Fire®, Nintendo DS® game consoles, and more.

Packaged as a set of two, the txtRng;) is fabricated from high-grade silicone to fit on the thumbs or index fingers, allowing consumers the option of keeping a tool “on hand” that enhances the accuracy of their mobile and everyday electronic devices, relieves thumb stress, and keeps the screen clean. The txtRng:)™ proves that style and function can be achieved in one accessory.

Whether it’s a casual message to friends or an important business communiqué, the txtRng;) was designed to make it easier for busy consumers to say exactly what they mean anytime.The txtRng;)™ is the signature product developed by Idea Incubator Inc. to meet the needs of a growing consumer base looking for a more accurate, ergonomic, and stylish touch-based electronic device experience.

Price & Availability
The txtRng;) – made to enhance the everyday interaction between consumers and their handheld devices – can be pre-ordered in black at for just $29.99 with complimentary shipping in the continental United States. Delivery will begin the week of December 13, 2011.

The txtRng;) will make its tradeshow debut at CES 2012 in Las Vegas January 10th. Visit us in Eureka Park at Booth #36 to experience the precision, beauty and FUNctionality of the txtRng;).