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iOS 6 adoption rate currently at 60 percent. Is there more to the story?

iOS 6  adoption rates have been steady since release, amazing even. Within days, the upgrade had outpaced even that of the mighty Android and any iteration they’ve ever released. With the Apple Maps issues and complaints in full effect, the adoption rate seems to have little to no effect, its as if people simply do not care.

Also worth consideration, could this widespread admiration for iOs 6 be more of an indication of consumers’ hesitation to make the move to the newly released iphone 5? I’ve noticed more and more people asking for my thoughts on the iPhone 5 and if they should upgrade. I very rarely offer my opinion, instead, I ask them, why the hesitance.

The answer vary, but are all fairly interesting. The most popular reason is the “its not that much of a difference, I’ll just wait for the iPhone 5s.” Not that this is a bad thing, in fact, its an iOS thing. Users are use to this upgrade cycle, however, the iPhone 5 was supposed to be the show stopper, and it is not doing its job as such. Huge quality assurance issues aside, the release of the iPhone 5 is having serious issues living up to the hype.

Are users simply choosing to upgrade their iPhone 4’s and 4s’ in lieu of purchasing the new iPhone 5? Perhaps the playing field is a lot more even these days, Windows Phone 8 is showing relevance and Android is holding its own, maybe consumers are beginning to become aware of this. What do you think?

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