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iPad Mini 3 Get’s Ripped In Review

Apple had to see this coming but apparently is prepared to take the heat form a major Apple news website Cult of Mac. Apple just recently announced the Apple iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 and the expectations for both are pretty high. The problem with the new iPad mini 3 is that basically nothing has changed and yet they have kept the pricing set at $400 for the entry level WiFi version. Outside of a new color gold, the Mini 3 only received a finger print scanner upgrade. nothing else has changed which makes me wonder what were they thinking? There are a couple new high end versions with more memory, but those are priced accordingly in $100 dollar increments.

Even though Cult of Mac reviews the iPad Mini 2 & 3 with high marks in terms of quality, there is absolutely no reason to buy the new iPad Mini 3  when you can get the same device for $100 cheaper in the iPad Mini 2 that is also available for $299. Cult of Mac states:

Nice as it is, the iPad mini 3 truly is a gigantic ripoff when compared to its predecessor. It’s got the same specs, the same basic form factor, the same functionality and battery life.

Frankly, the new model’s not worth the extra money.

Even the new finger print scanner that is the only new real functionality or hardware added to the iPad Mini 3 is “crippled” because the Mini 3 is not set up for Apple pay like the iPad Air 2 or new iPhone 6 versions are. This basically makes it good for unlocking your device and online shopping.

Ouchie, that had to hurt a little Apple. I think holding the iPad Mini 2 over would have been a lot smarter than bringing the iPad Mini 3 out which is now numerically higher than the iPad Air 2. Keeping them on the same numbering system would have made more sense to me.

So in the Holiday purchasing frenzy, look for the iPad Mini 2 and bank that $100 or save up for that new Drone with a GoPro camera you really wanted.