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IPEVO Releases Typi Folio Case and Wireless Keyboard for iPad 2

It’s too early on a Sunday morning to be up. I don’t know why y 6 yr old has to get up at 7am on a day off…  I think if I had an iPad 2 I’d have to get one of these cases, mainly for the keyboard. The price is $79 and it’s a folio style case but it includes a wireless keyboard with it, or rather it’s built-into the case itself. The keyboard can also be removed from the case easily so you’d have sort of a computer setup with keyboard and monitor.



IPEVO, Inc., a designer and maker of products for emerging Internet-driven behaviors, has announced an Oct 07, 2011 release for Typi Folio Case and Wireless Keyboard. The case is designed specifically for Apple’s iPad 2 tablet computer. IPEVO will sell Typi exclusively through its online store ( at a price of $79.


Typi combines the protection of a case, the hands-free convenience of a stand, and the productivity of a full physical keyboard in a single product. The handcrafted, bi-fold folio case is constructed with high-quality leather and felt for a professional look and feel. The iPad 2 fits snugly into the case’s leather and nylon frame, and all ports and buttons are accessible while the device is in the case. The case offers protection against the usual dings, scratches, and everyday wear and tear.


Typi’s leather strap can be pulled partially off and rebuttoned onto the case to act as a stand. No separate stand or accessory is required. While in this configuration, Typi props up the iPad 2 while in the case for hands-free viewing or use. Three different viewing angles are possible, depending on user preference and specific multimedia application.


To complete the package, a Bluetooth 2.0 full QWERTY wireless keyboard is included with Typi. For the first use, the keyboard links to iPad 2 in a couple of steps, and thereafter will communicate wirelessly. This keyboard comes attached to the interior of the case via magnets, and Typi can securely close with both keyboard and iPad 2 inside. The keyboard can be detached with a gentle tug for remote operation, up to the Bluetooth limit of 32 feet (10 meters).


The keyboard features a row of one-touch hotkeys for common iPad functions, including playback functions, volume control, copy & paste, search, and screenshot capture. The keyboard offers 12 hours of operation on a full charge, and is recharged in a few hours with an included USB cable.