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iPhone 6 Rumor Mill Seems Positive Of A Larger Screen

It’s just big business. Lot’s of people own Apple Stock, and lot’s of people stand to make or lose lots of money based on not only Apple’s, but all major tech companies stock performance. So where there is stock, there is analysts. They are the ones that scour the earth for any information on a particular companies performance and speculate on how things will go. Such is the case with Apple and the iPhone. It’s big business and everyone wants to know what’s next. It’s almost a game played between Apple and the Analysts to see who can keep a secret and who can figure them out. Of course there is some pretty obvious leaks by manufacturers. Gauging consumer interest and who knows what else. But in the case with the iPhone, the latest and greatest device had not been announced  1 day before leaks, speculation and rumors started swirling.I didn’t even own the iPhone 5S yet and already rumors of the iPhone 6 with a larger screen where out.

I highly doubt that there was anything substantial to support that rumor other than common sense. Apple is incredibly methodical about bringing change to their devices. One might say milking it for all it’s worth. This whole screen size debacle seems a perfect illustration of this. Anyone that doesn’t think the market is demanding larger screen devices is a fool. It’s honorable that Tim Cook has tried to keep with Steve Job’s publically stated philosophy that a device should fit and be able to operate in one hand. The miserable experience of the 3.5 inch screen was run as far as it could go until ultimately it forced Apple to make a change. A small change, but a change to the screen size none the less. Apple increased the height of the screen to make it 4 inches. The width remained the same and so did the user experience of being able to hold it in one hand and operate it as well. We got two device releases with this screen size. The iPhone 5 and then the next release of the iPhone 5C and 5S. I think we have honored the legend of Steve Jobs enough. Let’s get on with it Apple.

So it is a no brainer that the next device from Apple will be the iPhone 6. Can they keep similar design specs and call it an iPhone 5X and 5Z? That actually looks pretty cool but it’s not going to happen. Apple simply doesn’t have a major OS card to play having used that up on the 5C and 5S. Sure we are looking for iOS 7.1 but that is not going to sell the masses on buying a new device that is anything remotely based off the current platform. So any analyst with any common sense can predict with a fair measure of accuracy that the next Apple release will be a much large screen and possibly  a “phablet” sized device.

So coincidence you say?  Blogger Sonny Dickson snatched what he claims is the next iPhone 6 and guess what? It’s bigger! As a matter of fact, in the picture below the device resembles the current iPad. It has rounded corners that resemble the iPad. This is most likely a prototype using existing design elements from the iPad but does not mean that the finished product will look like this. However, keeping all the devices comparable in design does make sense if you are Apple. So does this mean that there will be no changes to future iPads either if the new iPhone will share design styling? Wow, can we predict what the engineer who was working on this had for breakfast too that morning? I’m guessing he secretly escaped the Apple campus and got am Egg McMuffin.


The South China Morning Post released a report yesterday too stating that  industry insiders reported that Apple would release two sizes in the iPhone 6. A larger sized 4.7 inch screened device as well as a 5.5 inch screened device. The latter could be Apple’s response to the popularity Samsung has had with the Note Series. Anyone not seeing Apple innovating here and following Samsung? Didn’t Apple also say they did not believe in the small tablet size? How’s that iPad Mini working for you again?

Personally, I like Apple products. I use Apple products, but there is no WOW factor for me anymore. I am enslaved these days to what my employer gives me and to date that is all things fruity. However, they are less satisfied with the iPad and are actively testing the Windows Tablets to replace our aging iPads and Laptops all in one swoop. I am sort of liking that as well. I don’t see us replacing the fruit phones anytime soon but I do see some changes coming in corporate laptops and tablets coming. This could be a good thing. I would welcome a tablet experience with a proper office suite with great joy!

So when can we expect the Apple iPhone 6? The same industry insiders are suggesting September. More rumors are stating that the iPhone 5C will be killed off and the iPhone 5S will survive as the budget fruit phone.