Apple is notoriously slow for implementing drastic design changes. Case in point is the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S that only grew the screen to a 4 inch display leaving behind the 3.5 inch  screen Steve Jobs hailed as the only true Smartphone screen size that made sense. I get that, the idea is to sell the crap out of your tablets and leave the Smartphone fitting nicely in one hand for operation and comfortably fitting in your pocket. The market however doesn’t care and it has demanded larger screen devices. Android and Windows Phone all have 5 inch plus screen sand Phablets. Apple reacted last year by extending the length of their screen .5 inches to make it a 4 inch screen and leave the width exactly the same. It helped…some.

So it’s a new year, Apple, you introduced two devices at the same time to suit two markets, a high end 5S and a cost conscious 5C. Now it is a new year and that simply won’t work. We want more screen size. I applaud the processor improvements even though most people never had a problem with the last processor and won’t notice the speed and coolness of the new one. A new A8  processor? Pretty neat. I won’t see a difference and I am better most other people won’t either. Candy Crush will still flash lights and make the same annoying beeping noises.  We want a bigger screen damn it! It’s time already Timmy! All the other kids have a bigger screen why can’t we? I want to be one of the cool kids with a large screen Smartphone too!

Same rant, different day. Another concept video to rub the salt in. This one is a 4.7 inch screen which makes total sense. I’m not really a fan of the 5.5 inch Phablet screen size but would buy that if that was the only thing offered over the current 4 inch screen size. Check out the video so that I have done my part to spread rumors and propaganda for Apple on a possible new screen size. I think  I am going to go sulk and eat a  huge cheeseburger and fries for lunch and listen for my arteries harden.

(Source: Behance via RedmondPie)


  1. You know, even with small hands, I think 4.7 is a good size for a smartphone, before reaching phablet size.

    And you’re totally right: saying x-size is big enough for anyone is good and all, but at some point, in a market-driven economy, the MARKET is going to say, Give us what we want or go the way of the dodo. Because Bill Gates once said 64 megs was enough for everyone, right? Times Change. You can’t have your way forever, because someone else will come along and give the consumer what they (think they) want, and take their money.

  2. There’s going to be a bigger iPhone, but it won’t matter if it’s the iPhone 6 or not. Even if Apple decides to stick with the 4″ display, and simply bump the processor up from an A7 to an A8 (doubtful that they would), people will still buy it. It’s the premiere phone on the market.

    That being said, I think that they’ll support a couple screen options this go around – 4″ with an iPhone 5s refresh (maybe a new manufacturing process on the A7 or replacing it with an A7x derivative) and something like 4.5-4.7″ with an iPhone 6. I just hope they support 128GB of storage too, I need more space!! I have like 3GB of space on my 64GB iPhone 5s right now :-/

    As for ‘minor’ processor bumps, the A7 chip is insanely powerful – it’s actually benchmarked higher than the 2010 mac mini I bought for my sister. I can’t imagine what they’ll do with the next generation ones. Also, remember that iOS 7 is a 64bit OS and as of Feb 1, all apps submitted will need to be optimized for iOS 7. No other mobile OS/ecosystem will have this capability any time soon – android doesn’t support 64bit currently and the chips simply aren’t ready. So while MS and Android phones may come out in the next year supporting 64bit chips, nothing will take advantage of them, meanwhile, Apple is selling millions of phone/tablets (both the iPad Air and the new iPad mini are 64bit with the A7 chipset) and apps that do. Apple currently has only 1GB of RAM in the iPhone, but once they need to scale that up, the processors will be able to properly address the additional power and the seemingly ‘minor’ bump they made from iPhone 5 to the 5s (which btw, wasn’t terribly minor – at least a few chip manufacturers crapped their pants after the announcement) and you’ll see the true power of a completely integrated mobile ecosystem.

    Do I sound like I’m praising Apple a little too highly? Well, show me another manufacturer that is doing these things and I’ll praise them too, but if Apple’s only downfall is a screen size problem (which I agree could be a little bigger as long as it doesn’t turn into a f***ing Note-sized joke of a phone) it’s a problem I can live with for the performance and software advantage.

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