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iPhone Miracles??? Bull Crap

I was reading ESPN today and I came across a news headline that said, “Padre makes right call — appendicitis via iPhone” and I thought to myself, “What an interesting story…. I wonder how the iPhone was responsible in diagnosing appendicitis. Maybe it is some sort of special app.” I clicked on the story and quickly figured out that it was total crap and had nothing to do with an iPhone. Here is how the iPhone was used according to the article:

Not only can he pitch, it turns out he can diagnose maladies, too. Stauffer had called up a medical website on his iPhone, entered his symptoms and came up with what could be appendicitis, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.

REALLY??? No sh*t any web enabled phone can do that and it is not something specific to the iPhone, so I don’t understand why “via iphone” needs to be added to the title of the article. This is not the first news article I have seen where the mere use of an iPhone has made the story news worthy.

Here is another POS story about the iPhone thanks to Matt Anderson.

Man Buried in Haiti Rubble Uses iPhone to Treat Wounds, Survive

In this story the man claims to have used an iPhone first aid program to treat his wounds and help him make a tourniquet and stop the bleeding. Really? Someone does not know that if they are bleeding they need to stop the bleeding for them to survive? They need an iPhone app for that? I have no idea how that app works but I wonder if it needed a data connection for him to get the information because if it did then I wonder how Haiti’s cell phone towers held up during the earthquake. I am pretty sure that they do not have a ton of towers that he could connect to incase one or two of them went down.  It also says it took 65 hours for rescuers to reach him that means that his iPhone battery must have lasted him more than 65 hours with constant use of at least an alarm going off every 20 minutes. I think this is complete bull sh*t as well.

I know there are other ridiculous news stories about “iPhone miracles” like the ones I just mentioned so, if you know of any more of these stories post them in the comments they make for a good blood boiling read.