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Jack The Ripper – Not Just a Fart App

Herm has done it again – this time with his release of Jack The Ripper. This isn’t just another fart application. It does start with 40 fart sounds that you can scroll through and select or play randomly. That alone would make me chuckle. But it also has a few advanced features. You can set it to be your security system and if someone tries to move your phone they’ll be greeted with continuous farts (until the ‘play’ button is pressed). You can also enable sneak attacks to mess with your friends. So you can set it to fart at a certain preset time or randomly and even enable repeat sneaks (warning, your friend may take your phone and threaten to break it after you hide it in their desk and they can’t figure out what’s farting under their desk for 15 minutes as I found out). Want to make sweet tunes with your toots? Well there’s even a fart-a-piano where you can make sweet sweet melody with some fine sounds. And finally, my favorite – it’s Simon Says with farts. Remember that game where it flashes a light and plays a noise and you have to follow the order? Well it’s funnier with farts…I don’t think I need to explain why:)

Here’s a preview video so you can see the action:

It supports almost all resolutions – VGA, WVGA, QVGA, WQVGA and square. All of this for $.99 – pretty solid…yes, solid, not wet:)