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Jailbreak for IOS 6 Coming From New Developer Group evad3rs

It seems like it has been an enter its since I have had a Jailbroken iPhone. There has been rumors, both false and some that were true that the Jailbreaking community was struggling with the latest iPhone 5 running iOS 6 to come up with an untethered Jailbreak. But it looks like a new group made up of some familiar faces will once again bring us an untethered jailbreak solution. The new group is called evad3rs who are made up Jailbreak community icon Pod2g, Pimskeks, Planetbeing and of course Musclenerd. The group is said to have made tremendous progress in the last fee days and claim that they have an untethered jailbreak ready but are just waiting on Apple to release iOS 6.1 so they can verify that their solution will work on the newest OS.

The group has said that they have found two new vulnerabilities in the short time since they have been working together and that: “tons of progress the last few days. I think the future is looking bright for jailbreaking”.

So instead of being warned not to look forward to the next iOS release from Apple and to not update for fear of it not working with a current untethered Jailbreak solution, we now are cheering Apple to release it so we can finally Jailbreak our iPhone 5. Does anyone miss Cydia? Here is what it will look like on the 4inch screened iPhone 5:

[[via Redmond Pie]

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