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Keep Your Devices Powered Up With Jumpstart Chargers!

Everyone needs extra power at some point. Mine always seems to be at the airport trying to get that last phone call in before my flight. If you also have this problem, then Jumpstart Chargers might be just the answer to your power problems:

The Jumpstart Sport takes chargers to a new level by providing portable power in slim and fashionable designs perfect for today’s active individual. Shattering the notion that universal chargers should be big, black and ugly; the Jumpstart Sport comes in a wide range of designs. From camouflage for sports enthusiasts to plaid and pink for young women, there is a Jumpstart Sport that fits everyone’s lifestyle.

The Jumpstart Sport provides the following features and benefits:

  • A rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack that comes with cable and connectors for a series of popular cell phones, for smartphones including the iPhone or Blackberry, handheld game devices and even portable GPS devices. Users will never have to run out of power through the course of a day.
  • Recharged using a supplied AC wall charger or a USB cable.
  • Unique battery gauge on the device shows instantly how much power is remaining.
  • A fully charged Jumpstart Sport holds its charge for up to one year, and can charge a device in only forty minutes.
  • The entry level Jumpstart emergency charger provides instant power for cell phones, adding a crucial couple of battery bars for important calls. Be ready to call in a few minutes and add up to one hour of talk time. The compact size of the Jumpstart allows it to be hung, like a charm, from cell phones. The Jumpstart and phone can be charged simultaneously using the cellphone’s car or wall charger.

    “MSRP of the Jumpstart Sport universal charger is $49.99. MSRP for the Jumpstart emergency charger is $14.99.
    The Jumpstart products will be available in June from select retailers.