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Keep Your iPhone Dry with the New MarineCase from Concorde Keystone

Looking to go swimming with your iPhone? If you are I’d have to ask you why you would want to and then I would tell you about the new MarineCase from Concorde Keystone that will keep it dry up to 20 feet under water. Again, why would you want to take your phone swimming it’s not like you’ll be calling anyone right?! Eh, whatever..




It’s vacation time and that means cooling off in the water when the temperature sizzles. It just doesn’t seem right that the iPhone 4S/4 has to hide under a beach towel while water worshippers enjoy the pool and surf.

Concord Keystone remedies that situation with the new Keystone ECO™ MarineCase, a fully submersible case for iPhone 4S/4 that keeps it 100% dry and safe at depths of up to 20 ft/6m underwater. A depth of 20-feet allows users to snorkel, not just wade in the water, with the iPhone. They will be free to capture video at an underwater reef and share it on Youtube or post to Facebook. Watch Concord Keystone’s sea turtle video captured with the iPhone 4S/4 and the MarineCase here.

Make no mistake, this case is not for everyday use. It is specifically designed to handle submersion in water without leakage. The secure closure lock means the iPhone is safe. The MarineCase features a clear protective silicon cover that supports full iPhone screen and call functionality so iPhone users can watch videos, answer email, text data and use apps without leaving the water.

The MarineCase works equally well in the ocean, swimming pools and river rapids. It is the ideal protective case for swimming, kayaking, white water rafting, boating, fishing, or for almost any water activity or sport. It even protects the iPhone 4S/4 against beach sand.

The MarineCase is available in two colors, black or white and includes a sturdy neck strap. The MarineCase is IP58 certified (dustproof and waterproof).

The MarineCase is available at and at an affordable price.

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