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Keys Peeling?

The other day we posted about the Invisible Shield sale and KCMatt noted in the comments that the laminate on the lower portion of the screen (where the Home/Phone keys are located) was starting to peel and he was going to remove it entirely. This led to a few emails between us to try to confirm that this would not render the screen useless. So KCMatt ran the Nav Debug Tool (which lets you view the capacitive key touches on the screen) and the results showed that even where the laminate was missing screen touches were being registered. So when his Zagg invisible Shield arrived he removed the laminate entirely (using a drop of WD40 on a paper towel to clean the little bits of glue that didn’t come off cleanly) and then applied the Zagg Shield…and the results were a success. The capacitive portion of the screen is still protected and functions 100% properly. There’s no loss of functionality at all.

This is a great confirmation but it looks like it’s only the tip of the iceberg as this appears to be a very widespread problem on the Fuze/Touch Pro/Diamond. But there’s only one way to figure out how widespread this is so I figure a poll is in order:) Head over to FuzeMobility to join in on the polling.

By the way, if the top portion of your screen starts to peel you probably do not want to peel that  since it appears to be connected to the digitizer and removing it does disable the screen. And I think we all agree that HTC should just coat all of the phones in this scratch resistant material but since they haven’t done it I ordered an Invisible Shield myself:)

Thanks for helping out KCMatt!