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Kid-Safe Browser for iPad and Android Tablets Released

Gotta keep the kiddies safe!! I know don’t let my kids use my phone or tablets so I don’t have to worry too much, but I did give them a cheapie Android tablet but from what I’ve seen they just use it for games. For $4.99 though you can get the new SmyleSafe for Android and iPad Tablets to make sure you know what your kids are looking at and hopefully keep them away from the NSFW stuff. I know I had to lock down their computer to stop them from downloading everything and I installed plugins for the browsers that mostly filter bad things out.  I just read that it’s also available for phones including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and even Windows Phone 7.5!

Retina-X Studios, LLC today announced the immediate availability of the tablet version of its cloud-based mobile web filtering software SmyleSafe. The hybrid software/service provides an effective way for young family members to safely surf the web under the watchful eyes of their guardians.

SmyleSafe features pre-configured age-based filtering and dynamic keyword-based analysis of every web page accessed. Parents can also customize the behavior of the SmyleSafe filtering engine with their own set of websites to block or allow. The app is backed by an online dashboard that provides complete monitoring and real-time customization of the filtering engine.

With real-time location tracking and geo-fencing, parents can also monitor the movement of their children. Parents can also set time restrictions to allow or block the Internet for specific time periods. The Android tablet version also has application blocking.

The tablet version of SmyleSafe utilizes the large screen resolution to allow kids to browse the Internet in the most innovative and close to native browser experience as possible. Concerned parents can monitor and filter the web content while their kids still enjoy surfing the Internet with a browser similar to the native browser.

"With statistics showing widespread use of tablets by children, we decided to bring our award-winning technology to the new platform," says James Johns, CEO, Retina-X Studios. "Now parents can monitor and filter activities to protect their children from inappropriate web content."

SmyleSafe for iPad and Android Tablets is priced at $4.99 and available at the AppStore and Google Play, respectively. SmyleSafe is also available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7.5, Mac OS X and Windows Desktops. For more information or to download, visit