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King of Frogs iPhone Game Free Today Only

Here’s a quick post for you. You can get King of Frogs for iPhone free today only. It’s a puzzle style game where you have to move the frog king find his way home. Sounds cute and I guess it’s certainly worth it for the price!



Using fun and simple game rules similar to checkers and French solitaire, King of Frogs contains numerous puzzles that will put your brain to a severe test and challenge your puzzle solving skills. Enjoy it without moderation, alone, with friends or family, King of Frogs is the perfect game to test and train your brain’s capacity.

King of Frogs is FREE for a day on iPhone
Download for free King of Frogs on iTunes
Watch the trailer (Youtube)

About King of Frogs:
Help the King of Frogs find his way home in this fresh new puzzler. Using fun and simple game rules similar to checkers /French solitaire, you’ll have lots of fun solving frog-hopping puzzles level after level.
Maneuver the King and his loyal frogs on the lilypad play field by hopping them over each other in the right sequences. By finding the correct combinations and order, you’ll be able to guide the King of Frogs to the final goal of each level.

More than 120 levels to discover for free with an additional several hundred levels available to purchase to prolong the fun. All levels are solvable! …If you are smart enough to find your way back to the throne.
Simple enough for non-gamers to pickup and play, yet challenging enough to keep experienced puzzle lovers coming back for more!