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Konnet Technology Unveils New, Apple-Certified ReflexDock Pro

Arrgh… I’m using a different keyboard now, I’ve been using the same keyboard for almost four years now actually and every once in a while I take it apart and clean it out, they can get pretty dirty inside and out truly.. but it seems with this keyboard, the Das Keyboard, I’m making many more mistakes than usual, it’s a totally different size, it’s longer and the keys seem farther apart, so if I’ve got any errors that’s the reason.. why am I telling you this ?!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a nice dock for your iPhone or iPod then you might want to check out the Konnet ReflexDock pro. It’s not your typical dock though, this one allows you to hook your devices up to your TV to play music and view videos, essentially it puts a mirrored image on the TV screen for you, now only if your TV was a touch screen you’d be set huh?! It does the other stuff too like charging and syncing as well.. I bet you’re saying you never heard of Konnet right, well I have, I’ve got two of their products already one is the Xbox360Charging station that I reviewed over at Xbox360Digest and the other is their Wii induction Charging station that I reviewed over at Bona Fide Reviews, they’re both great quality and they work well..


Users can charge, sync, and transmit any audio/video content from their iPod/iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4 to their big screen TV – all without needing to remove the protective case. Great for those who want to watch downloaded movies, videos, and shows on a larger screen, the ReflexDock Pro allows you to view a mirrored image of your iPod App content on your TV via the AV Out connection cable (included in package).

Staying consistent with Konnet’s modern and intelligent construction, the ReflexDock Pro features Advanced Sound Reflection Design, which enhances speaker quality when the iPod/iPhone is docked. The curved panel design also improves mic reception.

“The ReflexDock Pro takes the concept of an iPhone dock to the next level, letting users comfortably share their downloaded movies and music with friends and family on a bigger TV screen,” says Christine Custodio, VP of Marketing for Konnet.

The ReflexDock Pro is now available online at and other e-tailers for an MSRP of $49.99 US, $59.99 CDN. For the latest news, promotions and product features from KONNET, please visit their Facebook Page or Twitter Feed. More detailed information can be found on their website,