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Lasso is the new way to Bing on Bing for iPad

It’s no more a secret, Microsoft indeed loves all platforms, even the rival ones. Remember the app ‘Bing for iPad’? Yes, the same app which is rated 4.7 stars out of 5 by over 5000 people in the App Store, it just got more awesome with version 1.1 update.

Your inspiration to search a particular thing always comes while browsing the web and when you do, you end up doing 8 steps (select, copy & paste…) before actually hitting the “search” button. Now you can do the same thing in just 2 steps, thanks to the new feature, Lasso in the app. Lasso, as the name suggests, you lasso a text – draw a circle around a text and Bing instantly searches for that phrase. And you can go back to where you were in just another 2 steps (2 swipes.)

That’s a neat and an innovative feature, right? Other updates of the app includes, ability to view multiple showtime days and theaters, swipe through the last six Bing homepage images and “hundreds of quality and performance improvements” based on users feedback.

Lasso feature in action:

Head over to the App Store to download Bing for iPad version 1.1. And oh, Microsoft is really taking iOS seriously. Microsoft just released Bing for iPad blog.

Via: Redmond Pie
Source: Bing

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