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Latest Android Voice Command Extracted

I’ve been running Android 2.2 for some time now on my HTC Aria, but have never liked the Voice Dialer that has come with the ROMs I’ve used (primarily the Liberated Aria Froyo Series from Attn!). The iPhone’s voice command is much better, as is, believe it or not, the old Windows Mobile 6.5! As some of you may know, I bought my wife a Motorola Atrix last month and discovered that the Voice Command in the latest official version of Froyo is outstanding. So I did a search at, where else?, xda-developers and found that someone had extracted that Voice Command and created a version that worked with any Froyo ROM.

I installed this Voice Command on my Aria and it works beautifully from the handset or Bluetooth.

Admittedly, not a ground-breaking discover, but an improvement for those who are still using the old Voice Command.