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LeapPad2 Is Now Available

I have to see about getting one of these for review for my kids. Along time ago they came out with a PDA type thing that they sent me for review and my youngest still uses it every once in a while actually. I think he needs something a bit older though as he does love playing with my tablets when I let him. Yep the Leap Pad 2 is out now in green, pink or a special Disney Princess bundle! Price is $99.99 for the regular version and $129.99 for the Princess bundle. Full details below for you..


LeapFrog Enterprises Inc., the leader in educational entertainment, today announced LeapPad2™ is now available in green, pink and as a special Disney Princess bundle at retail and online. LeapPad2, the next generation of the #1 kid’s learning tablet, brings new features and an extensive library filled with the best learning and creative content.

LeapPad2’s new front-and-back cameras and video recorders inspire kids to imagine and explore, while the faster LF 2000 processor ensures they get the most out of their tablet. LeapPad2 features a stylish, high-tech tablet design that is durable enough to withstand kid play. With double the on-board memory, kids can now keep more personal creations and downloads at their fingertips, up to 25,000 photos or 70 downloads. Parents will find more value with the longer battery life and a recharger pack option that allow more play time on the go. LeapPad2’s extensive library of hundreds of games, music, videos, eBooks and more are carefully designed and selected by LeapFrog’s highly experienced team of learning experts so parents can quickly and confidently find well-rounded learning solutions for their child.

In 2011, LeapFrog introduced LeapPad™, the #1 selling kid’s learning tablet that was recognized with more than 20 accolades including three prestigious awards from the Toy Industry Association: Educational Toy of the Year, Preschool Toy of the Year, and the ultimate recognition, Toy of the Year. The launch of the LeapPad2 set new records for LeapFrog by selling as many pre-sale units in just two days as the original LeapPad sold in its first week. Unveiled less than two months ago, LeapPad2 has already received high praise from parents, the media and industry experts.

LeapPad2 includes extensive free content: a music player with five LeapFrog Learning Songs, a new Cartoon Director creativity download, an Art Studio, the popular Pet Pad writing game and choice of an additional download from the LeapFrog App Center.

Kids Can Create and Star in Their Own Cartoons

LeapPad2 includes a new high-resolution front camera and video recorder, in addition to a higher-resolution back camera and video recorder. These new features encourage kids to explore their creativity by snapping photographs of themselves and their friends or creating their own videos. With LeapPad2’s exclusive Cartoon Director creativity download, young storytellers will create, direct and narrate their very own animated movies as they build their movie set and customize actors. They can even make themselves part of the action by taking a self-portrait with the front-facing camera and recording narrative with the built-in microphone.

Learn to Read with the New Ultra eBooks

Unique to LeapPad tablets, Ultra eBooks are interactive stories that engage kids with creative tales and reading games. Each Ultra eBook automatically adjusts the reading level to challenge kids at just the right pace. Each story is written at three different reading levels, progressing from simple to more complex words and sentences when kids are ready. This year, LeapFrog is introducing a new Learn to ReadCollection of Ultra eBooks that features the 300 keywords for early readers to help build phonics and decoding skills, sight word recognition and reading comprehension. This new series includes story classics from Fairy Tales to Adventure Stories.

Dance, Sing or Sit Back and Enjoy

The new music player on LeapPad2 enables kids to easily manage their LeapFrog App Center songs. Additionally available in the LeapFrog App Center this fall, LeapFrog will launch an MP3 Player that allows kids to import and manage their own MP3-formatted music on LeapPad2. Kids can also watch videos from leading entertainment brands on LeapPad2’s high-resolution screen. Whether enjoying popular Sesame Street favorites, learning a new language with Little Pim or embarking on adventures with their favorite Nickelodeon characters, LeapPad2 offers a wide selection of engaging videos curated by LeapFrog’s learning experts.

Explore a Fast-growing Content Library

The LeapPad2 content library features hundreds of fun, educational games, videos, music, eBooks and more available through the LeapFrog App Center, online and at retail locations. This robust library is a combination of LeapFrog’s top quality educational entertainment and engaging content from the biggest names in children’s entertainment. All music and video downloads have been individually selected and tested by LeapFrog’s highly experienced team of learning experts to ensure they are age-appropriate and safe for kids. LeapFrog’s own learning content is grounded in the latest research and draws on a comprehensive curriculum that covers more than 2,500 skills across 100 skill categories. With learning experiences that automatically adjust to each child’s level, kids can explore hundreds of skills at just the right pace for them.

LeapFrog notably has added a range of rich content to the library specifically designed for kids ages three to five. Because these younger preschoolers engage in ways that are significantly different than their older counterparts, LeapFrog has now developed content experiences to meet their specific interests and learning needs. For example, the new Letter Factory game, based on the award-winning LeapFrog DVD, and Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates both feature shorter audio instructions and interactive "clickables" that make the gameplay easier while they build early learning skills. Other titles includingOlivia and Crayola Art Adventure round out the new three to five age offerings.


LeapPad2 is sold at MSRP $99.99 and is recommended for children 3 to 9 years. The LeapPad2 Disney Princess Bundle is sold at MSRP $129.99. Downloads are priced at MSRP $5.00 and up and game cartridges at MSRP $24.99. New accessories for LeapPad2 include a video display case (MSRP $19.99), fashion handbag (MSRP $19.99), car adapter (MSRP $14.99), gel skins (MSRP $9.99) and much more. An optional recharger pack is also available at MSRP $39.99. LeapPad2 is now available at, online and at major retailers in the U.S., Canada, UK and Ireland, and in other select other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Thailand and other Asian countries later in the fall. The LeapFrog App Center can be accessed through the LeapFrog Connect Application for the LeapPad2 tablet. For more information on LeapPad2, visit