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Lenovo Yoga 8 Tablet Sleeve


Here is a sleeve to protect your Yoga 8 Tablet, although this rugged little device doesn’t need much protecting. As Lenovo makes both an Android and Windows version of their Yoga 8 Tab, this sleeve has been around for awhile. But it peaked my interest when I was ordering the “just released” Windows version. I am a sucker for authentic OEM accessories.


The sleeve comes included with a silicone adhesive (dry) screen protector and applicator tools, but I don’t plan to use it. Unlike the Android Yoga 8 Tab, the Windows version incorporates Any Pen Technology and Lenovo has stated that the glass surface is harder than Gorilla Glass II. Think I will take their word for it. The Yoga 8 fits best face down, allowing the case cover to conform around the large battery bump. The battery also servers as a simple handle for inserting/retracting the Yoga 8. The inside surface is a gray microfiber fabric, white this outside looks a lot like leather. Soft and supple. As they say, it just works. 



Can’t imagine writing on my tablet surface with a screwdriver or key wouldn’t leave some deep marks in this plastic protector. Now, if this was one of those nifty glass protectors, maybe a different story.

The sleeve comes in four colors; black, white, gray and Android green. When I ordered last Friday, only white and green were available. And the little green robot is not welcome in my bag. period.

Just checked today and they have the black model for $9.99. The list price is $29.99 (Ripoff Alert). You can find it on Lenovo’s website here.