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Let’s Map More Touch Pro Buttons

Ok, let’s talk about mapping a long press of the end key and a long press of the power key. First for the easy one. There’s an easy way to remap a long press of the end key. Simply go to Settings – System – Long Press End Key and you’ll see the options to turn off the data connection, toggle vibrate/ring, etc. If you choose to launch the quick list you’ll get what’s in the photo. So if you recall in my PTT remap I used an application called VibraSwitch to toggle the ringer – well that’s gone since I can now use the end key and I’ve freed up a button which is always nice.

Now, lets move on to the power button. This is almost silly, but all you need to do is create a shortcut in the Windows directory named long_power.lnk and whatever this is a link to will be enabled on a long press of the power key. The press is about 4 seconds and if you keep your finger pressed and never let go whatever app you pick will launch slowly but if you just hold it and release it after a few seconds it will launch quicker (try it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about). I’ve mapped mine to the video camera (the text is 21#WindowsCamera.exe" -v and look here for more info).  After making the shortcut a soft reset is required for it to take effect.

We’ve discussed making shortcuts in the PTT remapping entry but for help on creating shortcuts you can try using this simple application and an extensive list of more complex links is located here.  I’ve remapped my long PTT button to call my wife so she hates my Fuze obsession a little less by using these instructions.

Ok, so we’ve mapped the PTT button (long and short), phone send long (works out of the box), and now phone end long and power long. Do we have enough buttons yet? Don’t worry, there’s more buttons so I’ll keep trying to map them:)

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