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Let’s See You Try THIS in Hotmail

Couple Gmail updates for you: Now you can create a group, for example Mistresses, and after adding all your ladies into that group, should you wish to address all of them, for example to say “Wife’s gone for the weekend, slumber party at my place, dress accordingly,” just address the email to Mistresses and have a fun party. Gotta use the web-based client.

Want more? Let’s say you’re the mistress of several men with whom you work. You want to be able to email them for work stuff and also email to ask if any of them have divorced their wives yet as they promised, but you don’t want that somewhat personal email going to the company email accounts and vice versa. So make one group, Sweet Daddies, toss the lying, cheating bastards into that group and also into coworkers with each given a second email address, then in each contact where has the names of the groups you put them in, click them and you may select the appropriate email for each. Thanks, Google!

Doug Simmons