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Light Flow LED Control

light flow

An app update on my phone today prompted me to mention an app I really appreciate. Light Flow allows you to take control of your LED notifications if your phone is so equipped.

My GS3 has very few options. In fact, there are only three (charging, low battery and missed event). These are the only items allowed LED control and there is no customization of the color. Enter Light Flow.

The app allows for customization of more than 250 app notifications. There are preset colors and blinking intervals, but you can also pick your own. There are also options for when and how to dismiss the LED notification as well as an option to use your LED flash for notifications.

As with many apps, there is a free version you should test drive to see if it works on your phone and for your needs. I found it well worth purchasing the full app to unlock all of the options. Find it in the Play store HERE