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LiveGO Now has Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter

Google+ on iPhone? Isn’t that like against he laws of nature? That’s like cats and dogs living together, end of the world stuff?! Well with LiveGO you can now access Google+, Facebook and Twitter via your iPhone! Isn’t that nice?


LiveGO iPhone Application delivers more developed Facebook and Twitter interface with 1.2.1 version. It practically carries the Facebook and Twitter to the mobile. The main screen of the LiveGO iPhone allows access to both Facebook and Twitter and instant messaging with only one touch.


The new application is capable of keeping online status up to 36 hours via Push Notifications.
And has the Google Plus mobile interface now, to send status updates, and follow the G+ circles.


The founder of the LiveGO, Yusuf YILDIRIM tells following about the new application:

The LiveGO iPhone application includes the Google Plus interface to be developed in parallel with interest of users and this shows once again that the team follows up the innovations closely and cares the mobile users.  


The LiveGO which reaches 1.8 million members for 10 months of time of period aims to exceed 2.5 million members at the end of the 2011.


About LiveGO:

Established in 2010, LiveGO provides service as continuation of the MessengerFX which has been established in 2006. The instant messaging service, MessengerFX has been used by 10 million users over Europe, America, Latin America and Turkey. The team which has obtained important investment from the Golden Horn Ventures at the beginning of the 2010 has realized LiveGO.


In the LiveGO, the users can connect to the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and instant messaging services such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Gtalk and to the accounts of Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! E-mail on single platform.

LiveGO gives importance to the mobile users with iPhone application including the Google Plus and attempts to localize itself as key of online communication.

LiveGO Social Messenger: