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Lumia 900: Smart Battery Technology

There have been questions about why the Lumia 900 does not appear to charge the phone to a full 100%, as some user’s have taken the phone off of charge to find it at 98 or 99%. Well that’s just some smart charging technology doing what it should do. Looking at the attached screen capture you will see that slow rise on the left. That’s when I put my phone on charge at 2:59AM. It was at 48%. It reached 100% at 4:40AM. Then it went down to 99% at 5:00AM. And back to 100% at 5:20AM. 99% at 5:40AM and 100% at 5:50AM. It took a nosedive at 6:30AM to 97%, and then back to 100% at 6:50AM. This cycling continued till I took the phone off of charge at 8:50AM, where it was at 98%. So don’t worry about charging your phone overnight. Nokia took care of that for you.