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Lunch With The Lumia 1020, Hello Macro

Nokia claimed they’ve reinvented “zoom,” I say they didn’t claim enough. Looks to me like they’ve reinvented Macro as well. Take a look at this malicious image of my lunch today, with only one purpose in mind (to make everyone who did NOT have sushi super jealous,) it turns out to be a two hit combo.

Sure, image was super clear, super detailed, but when I engaged the high res image and get in some more, low and behold! One hell of a macro shot, and I didn’t have to fish on my lens. Does this change everything? Sure it does, Android and iOS are no where close, my phone does not smell like fish and I cannot post it to instagram.

Yea, all of it totally random, oh well, don’t be mad, just look on and be amazed!