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Magic Picture for iOS will Enhance & Compress your Photos

My guess is that many of you have been upgrading the memory on your iPhone to handle the latest camera upgrades on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Even still there is only so far that memory will go and responsible stewardship of your precious iPhone’s memory sooner will make life a lot easier than dealing with it later. So check it out, Magic Picture for iOS will help you do that very thing:

Do you find yourself missing some space on your phone? Would you like them to look better? Magic Picture is a revolutionary way to enhance your photos and images, while reducing the space they take on your phone! Take up to 3 times more pictures, and make them look better with Magic Picture!
Magic Picture™ can enhance any of your photos. This is not just a sharpening tool : through our proprietary technology we will bring out finer color, crisper backgrounds and amazing detail.
Magic Picture™ automatically sharpens your images and enhances the colors using our RealHD technology which brings out the true crisp nature of your image :
– Unique simultaneous sharpening tool and file size shrinking solution
– Automatic and optimized sharpening leading to best-in-class quality
– File size reduction up to 30% of original size
– Simple to use, stunning results


The app is free so head on over to the App Store and give it a try. Link for Magic Picture:

By Xsight Technologies