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Major Retailers Combating iPhone 5 Hype with Android Comparisons

Unless you are rejoining us here on earth after having been gone for the last couple weeks, it has been a mass media frenzy on both the build up and release of the Apple iPhone 5. For the record I did in fact get one on launch day and what has been interesting to me is to see how the retailers are trying to even out the playing field with their Android Army of devices. One of the most favorable if you are an Android fan is to line the devices up and go on specs. Android Devices always have the latest and greatest hardware and that is has been a key selling factor against the iPhone in the past. Another key way of diverting the Apple Fans is by price. Even though the iPhone 5 hit the market at the same price all of the other iPhones have in the past, it was the lowering of the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 that has really made an impact. The iPhone 4 is now free and the iPhone 4S is 100 bucks on contract.

But when shopping for Flagship devices, customers want more and know that their purchase has got to last them 2 years. That is the extent of most contracts from the major carriers. Wirefly, one of the Largest online retailers of mobile technology has armed their Android Army with this handy dandy chart and is trying to even the playing field as I mentioned above by listing out all of the specs and then trying to close the deal with price. For an example, Wirefly has the Samsung Galaxy S III, the leader of the Android Army on sale for $99 with a two year contract. And as stated above, the iPhone 5 16mb is $200.00 bucks. There is a lot different eco system granted, but the specs and pricing leans Sammy’s way on the SGS3.

Whatever your choice is, know that there are a lot of deals still happening for the Android fans!