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Make Your Own Cradle For Samsung Galaxy S With The Box It Came In!

I love this kind of stuff. I wish I had the time and the brains to think of things like this but thankfully there is people who do like stickyasglue over at XDA! Here is all you need to make your own jewel out of box the device got shipped in:

You need:
Knife/scissors (also a screwdriver (thin as possible) is helpful)
Galaxy s box (and inserts)
Cocktail sticks x2 (don’t need if you use a STRONG glue)
Coins (to add weight)
tape/glue (if you want a little extra support, not needed though)

Here’s a quick guide and some pics to help are in the attachments

1)Get the foam piece that the phone sits in when you first get it
2)Cut holes to allow cables to go through foam and plug into phone
3)Cut the foam side opposite the side that you cut the holes in to.
4)cut corner off the box which has the documentation in it.
5)Stick the bit of foam you cut off the box into the rim of the corner you cut of (the glue used to stick it to the original box should be sufficient so you don’t need to add your own)
6)use cocktail sticks cut to make them shorter to attach the back bit you just made to the front.
7)Add coins inside back if you want more weight and stability (use tape to secure)

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