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Manila 2.1 Sense VGA Released For Chefs – ROMS Imminent

Just a few days ago we mentioned that VGA Sense Manila 2.1 was about to be released in its final ported form from kimi_sae_ireba and right on time he’s released it to the public. In short, this is gives you some of the features of Sense/2.5 like weather on the hometab and full landscape support with a lower memory footprint than 2.5 (but read our original post for a point by point comparison). So you lose a little flash but gain in functionality. This is not available as a cab – these are packages for chefs to cook in at this point. And NRG already posted that he is releasing a ROM with these packages tonight so if you’re looking to test this out the wait shouldn’t be much longer.

Again, a big round of applause to kimi_sae_ireba and his team (yozgatg, Captain_Throwback, TMartin03, dharvey4651) for all of their work in porting this as well as NRG for already getting to work on this (even though he’s on vacation:)). Not a bad holiday gift at all…