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Manila Today Page Application Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds

screenzmw It seems such a long time ago that I actually used the Windows Mobile Today Screen and not a third part UI, or TouchFlo3D. Honestly, I don’t miss those days! But if you are someone who wants to reclaim your old Today screen plugins and have it work within TouchFlo 3D, then XDA has just the application for you. Called Manila Today Page (MTD) by  blezalex, MTD will allow you to choose a TF3D Page and convert it the Windows Mobile Today Screen which will allow you to use your old Today Screen plugins!

You’ll need NET CF 3.5 to run the MTP Configurator but the installation is actually pretty easy. So head on over to XDA and check it out and reclaim your lost Today Screen Plugins that have been unchecked since you fell in love with TF3D, Spb Mobile Shell, Point UI, or whatever else you are using!

The latest version of the application creates is own new tab but you should know that this is a beta. Some of the today plugins may not show and the plugins may have a different background color than other tabs. It’s a work in progress but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.