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Maximus Mobile releases New Version 1.5 Of winmoFinance

I have been a long time user of Spb Finance and have been a little frustrated with the lack of updating to make it more finger friendly for my AT&T Tilt 2. So it was that I was looking around on Windows Marketplace and came across Maximus Mobile’s new release of winmoFinance version 1.5! winmoFianance will let you:

  • Customize the app to make it yours.
  • Safely store your data and receipts on your SD Card or anywhere you desired.
  • Creating a new expense or revenue entry
  • Take picture of your receipt or check
  • Since your spending pattern is uniquely to yourself, you can add or remove your own Category, Merchant, and Payment to shape the app to your own needs.
  • If ever your Merchant list gets too long, there’s a quick search function to help you find the Merchant you need.
  • You can sort all of your transactions by: Day, Month, Year, Category, Merchant, Payment, or Revenue/Expense
  • Besides the Total Amount for all transactions, the Total Amount for the same sort (depends on your sorting) is also shown.
  • Expenses are displayed in Red, Revenues are displayed in Green.
  • With multiple pages, you can swipe your finger across the screen to change page, or use the slider by first tap on the page indicator.
  • You can export current transactions to Microsoft Excel friendly file format, or import exported data back for mobile viewing.
  • When there are many merchants (or category depends on your sort) across multiple pages, you can easily get to any merchant you want to view via Overview. To activate, simply tap on any of the green title.
  • Whenever you are on a business trip, travel, or simply keep track of your monthly transactions, you can Manage Transaction Periods.
  • You can export any period to Microsoft Excel friendly file format for editing/printing, or import exported periods back for mobile viewing.

    Maximus Mobiles winmoFinance Version 1.5 Requirements & Supports:

    • NET Compact Framework 3.5
    • Windows Mobile 6.x Professional
    • QVGA, VGA, WVGA Screen
    • Landscape support
    • ApptoDate support
    • Release Date: January 05, 2009
    • Current Version: Version 1.5 build 100105

    You can download a trial version of winmoFinance version 1.5 for free and check it out for a limited time or purchase the full version for $5.99. This looks some really cool software for a great price! I just got a copy of winmoFinance 1.5 and I will be doing a full review right here on Mobility Digest so stay tuned!

    CLICK HERE to check out Maximus Mobile’s winmoFinance Version 1.5.