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MobilityLeaks: Can the iPad Fend Off Android?

Got another behind the scenes writer exchange worth forking onto the site. We’re talking iPads, we’re talking cheapness and I’m handing the torch off to you because the well that is their collective knowledge on this subject has run dry. I can only do this once in a while or they’ll catch onto me and create another secret mailing list. Have a read and agree with me and talk trash particularly about David K.



On 1/31/2011 4:17 PM, Chris Leiter wrote:

Is it just me, or have people gotten cheap (and spoiled by being so)?  My best friend has a Samsung galaxy tab, and it is nice, but he’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t hold a candle to the iPad.

Maybe 3.0 android and the new dual and quad core SOC tablets can really cut into the iPad, but unless they fix a lot of what’s wrong with android, I don’t see it happening.  Apple sells a shit load of product because of their standards and quality, not the price.

David K:

call a spade a spade. There’s no great reason to get a non-Honeycomb Android tablet…except for price or marketing. It’s like getting a Blackberry because you just love BBM. And Blackberry is still selling a shitload of devices. Sales don’t mean you’re the best…the new Moto commercial BGR is showing is very effective. Notice there’s not a single screenshot of a device to be found. What does it show? That on paper it kicks the shit out of most things (well the iPad 2 will had a dual core 1.2ghz chip I hear but that’s a side point). Anyway, Android is going to be on $250 tablets and people will buy it and think that’s what a tablet is. It’s the good and the bad…same as a PC when you get a $250 PC and then say Windows sucks…

Murani Lewis:

That’s true. People take the cheap route then expect top tier performance. Their own mistake is placed in denial and the blame is shifted to the manufacturer.

Doug Simmons:

Well, just as in addition to cheap Android phones there are top shelf Android phones that hold candles somewhat close to the iPhone, some companies may find that there’s a market for overall-superior or at least more or less equally decent tablets to the iPad and fill that market. Though they do a good job delivering that impression Apple does not have a patent on making the best stuff.

Ramon Trotman:

apple? making the best stuff? I’ve never seen the bezels on a dell/ibm/hp or any other brand laptop chip after a year of use. But i have seen it on EVERY SINGLE MACBOOK! Btw, how is that apple tv working out? no sales numbers? I’ve also never seen a cell phone drop calls because you hold it at the "wrong angle"

hmph….sounds like a perception issue more than anything. F█ck apple…and half way f█ck google! But most importantly…f█ck apple!

Doug Simmons

Ramon, your passion .. it comforts me.