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MediaDevil’s Magicwand Stylus Comes to the United States

So how about a Magicwand for your tablet? Yep, you can now use get the Magicwand from MediaDevil here in the United States. It’s pretty much compatible with most any capacitive devices like Android tablets, iPad, or even phones. A stylus has a place, I have a couple of them, there are are times when you don’t want to use your finger….


MediaDevil, the brand behind the best-selling and most positively reviewed screen protectors on, today announces the launch of the Magicwand stylus for the first time in the United States. The lightweight, pen-like accessory works with all capacitive touch screen devices, including the iPad and iPhone, and is fully compatible with MediaDevil’s Magicscreen and Easyscreen screen protectors.
This handy low friction stylus is a simple, convenient way to make navigating touch screen devices faster and more precise, whether you are signing electronic documents, sketching, writing, tapping or dragging. With a perfectly balanced weight and an 8mm nib, the Magicwand delivers greater accuracy and control than a fingertip can.  It is an ideal mobile solution for people who struggle to use their device due to long fingernails, wide fingers, or winter gloves in cold weather. Magicwand also protects touchscreen devices from fingerprints and smudging.
“Magicwand brings precision, style, and efficiency to handling any touchscreen device,” explains MediaDevil founder Callum Bush. “It makes using devices easier and more fun, while keeping it clean and pristine.”
Available with a premium matte texture in black, hot pink, red or blue, the MediaDevil Magicwand complements your covers and cases to match your personal style. Its removable lanyard plugs in to the audio socket to keep Magicwand safely secured.

Magicwand is available for $9.97 at

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