The Aava MeeGo prototype Carrypad has gotten their hands on has been put through a JavaScript test.  It ran the SunSpider test in 4.2s(smaller is better).  To put it in perspective Android and the iPhone 4 ran the same test in 5.8s and 10.9s respectively.  That’s 25% faster than Android 2.2 and more than 2x as fast as the iPhone 4.  The Aava is equipped with a 1.5Ghz Intel cpu with alpha software so the score will undoubtedly only get smaller as we near the official release of the MeeGo platform.  I think we can safely say this is a small win for both Nokia and Intel.


  1. Well, kind of curious what hardware was used for Android 2.2. Because if it was the Nexus, only a 25% gain over a device with a third less on the clock speed, not exactly something to write home about. riding the subway, can’t hit those links.

    Even if the three were evenly matched in this and other benchmarks, relative to those in the iphone and android camps, nokia owners are probably the least concerned and aware of what any of this means including the concept of a platform. And javascript. Hell, this is a tech website and maybe half the writers don’t know the difference between java and javascript or that they’re even two different things. I don’t hear any champagne corks popping and i already forgot the name of this platform prototype thing.

    good to hear about android vs iphone though.

    • This has zero impact on current Nokia users(since they are mostly on Symbian) with the exception of maybe N900 users, and only if the increase is due to MeeGo rather than the Intel chip. Yes I believe the bench was run on a Nexus One. As for JavaScript vs Java, yes I know they are different =P hence why I didn’t try and shorten it to just Java XD. Only reason I mentioned it was because Android 2.2 is ~3x faster than 2.1 in processing JavaScript and for alpha level software to out pace a veteran platform, which just received a huge update, it is something to take note of. The “crushes Android” part was just for added flare ;-) besides, I figured it was more interesting than “takes one tiny step in front of Android 2.2 in a way that a lot of people wont care about” LOL

    • well the Aava Platform isn’t noteworthy for the 1.5Ghz clock speed, but for the x86 architecture it uses instead of the ARM ones, current mobile devices(and those upcoming ones as well) use.

  2. Okay, fair enough, pat on the ass to the guys behind the alpha staged development of this thing.

    But Android 2.2 is pretty official, being rolled out, source code published. So software wise, pitting this thing up against Android 3.0 (and on devices of similar specs), that would be interesting.

    I put you in the half that knew the difference btw, otherwise i would have said the majority. I have internal emails…

    • true, comparing with Android 3.0 would be much more interesting, but we can only compare things that are in the wild, and to my knowledge there are no 3.0 devices in the wild so no point really talking about it…

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