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Meet Your New Cell Provider – MagicJack

You probably all know MagicJack by now. They route your home calls over the net and charge you just $20/year for unlimited calling. Well now they’re taking on your cell phone carrier as well. Essentially they have a mini-radio tower that you place in your house and as long as you’re within 3,000 feet of the base then you can route calls through the tower instead of your carrier (through the same frequencies) which then routes them over the net just like the regular MagicJack.  This is intended for GSM phones (AT&T and TMo). The device is said to be $40 and provide one year of service for free. They are looking to roll it out in 4 months but expect some fights with the FCC and carriers before this is on the market.

You can read more about it here. I’m all in for unlimited calls at such a cheap price, but I’m not sure I really need a mini-cell tower in my house, so you try it first and well talk in a few years after the doctors check you out:)

Thanks to Conrad Wheeler for the tip!