Hey 4chan! Hey fellas. So of all the sites out there in dire need of efficiency to try to stop, you know, operating at a loss largely due to bandwidth expense and loading images slowly because over 9000% of the audience is on cellular, you’ve got to be the at the top of the list as an imageboard site looking to embrace improvements, and yet I couldn’t post a picture of a really pretty lady, super high res (’cause I’m into that with the cameras rolling), leaning on a fine-ass car the other day because it was in a lean WebP format instead of jpeg? What, did I lose you? Oh right, let me break it down, google translate to 4chan please:

> since young lad, go to bed knowing 4chan would lead this world out of pixel compression inefficiency/lack of features aka jpeg
> read my Google News WebP section, Facebook and Google Play adopts WebP, imokaywiththis.bmp
> download cwebp and try to post girly pic on 4chan

Just because the picture was from 1992 doesn’t mean the technology you use has to be, you know?

Yeah, 1992, I looked it up, jpeg is from 1992 which was at least one decade ago, maybe more. That’s how long it’s been since we’ve failed to adopt 33% better and existing maths. We’ve developed it years back, that’s the easy part, but for reasons that strike me as almost inexplicable, many sites, including yours, haven’t bothered to do something as simple as install mod_pagespeed. (Okay in your case it might need some extra tweaks but it’s doable, you know it.)

Not to mention true color animated gifs with lossy alpha transparency capabilities, imagine guys? No, don’t imagine, just implement it, got the whole weekend in front of you. Please fire that up or explain why it’s not in your interests at the next TED because I’m fascinated. Fascination crossed with disillusionment. And hope…

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Biographical info.. hmm. I have a history of not being able to strike the balance between what is "safe" to put into these forms and what is, in my mind at least, funny. Can't do it.


  1. Doug, I could barely follow what your writing there.
    I just wanted to comment that this site, MD, keeps changing, and not always for the best.
    This most recent format(?) Change is not pleasing to me on my mobile devices.
    Android GB 2.3.3 shows the new page fine, with all the extra clicks. Too many really.
    My Android HC 3.? Tablet, shows me what looks to be the old mobile web version. I like it.
    And my WP8 device shows me half a page or less, with all the content on the right side missing!
    I don’t understand. How could reading online be so different from device to device? PC is no longer mine, and the laptop collects dust, so I didn’t think to check the view on those.

    • Hi, I did the site design etc…we felt we needed a change to get back to our roots as it were, back to mobility without the extraneous stuff, but obviously it’s still here.

      Anyway, I don’t have any Android Gingerbread devices anymore but my two tablets run JellyBean and the site looks fine to me on them. On my phone with JB it doesn’t look right so that’s why we have the mobile theme running. It shouldn’t switch between the themes, there is a button at the bottom to toggle the mobile theme on and off. I know it gets cut off on the right side, the sidebar does on mobile devices and those running a lower resolution, so again that’s why we have the mobile version. The mobile theme should automatically load for a mobile device. I run the same mobile type theme on my sites as well and that’s how it works, if it’s not working something might be off her eon Mdigest, I’ll have to look into it.

      Also, I don’t understand what you mean by “with all the extra clicks” please explain ?


      • On the left side of the page, are the articles. On the right side is, a search box, recent comments, popular posts, adds, tags, categories and archives. “clicks”
        On my WP8 Nokia 820, the right side content is all pushed to the left, into one collumn, AFTER scrolling through all the left side content. I do not see a mobile/desktop toggle. There is a tiny smiley at the bottom left corner.
        On my GB2.3.3 Dell Streak I can toggle at the bottom of the page. somehow it got changed to mobile after I posted. But I was viewing the desktop version before that, and it seemed to me that it has been changed in the last week or 2. More “clicks?” I had just gotten used to the last change.
        I am hoping we see a 5″+ Windows Phone device this year, maybe from Nokia. I am happy with the browser performance, but not the view.
        Thanks for helping me straighten this out. Keep up the good work.

  2. Somehow my mobile view keeps getting toggled.
    I always feel so stupid after posting here.Clearly you guys are well over my head. I should just keep my thumbs still and enjoy.

  3. Simmons people have a strong aversion to change even if the change will lead to an awesome experience. I feel your frustration.

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