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Mi Cable Tidy Review

Organizing your mobile device cables have always been a pain in the rear end. Keeping the AC charger cable as well as other accessories like headphones always sounded like a good idea and ultimately get thrown in my brief case where they get all tangled up.

Leave it up to our friends at Mobile Fun to come up with a great solution that not only works, but is pretty inexpensive and fun. It’s the Mi Cable Tidy. The Mi Cable Tidy comes in 5 different colors and only costs $6.49 plus just a few bucks for shipping. ($2.99 USPS). Looking like a small little Android Guy the Mi Cable Tidy is a universal designed way to store your cables all in one place. The Mi Cable Tidy even acts as desk stand too.

The Mi Cable Tidy acts pretty well as a desk stand but struggled to hold up the beefy iPad in an OtterBox Defender Case. Messing around with the angles I did get it to stand up and a decent media viewing angle however.

So out of the USPS envelope the Mi Cable Tidy has a little marketing wrapped around it in what appears to be a mini poncho. For $6.50 they probably need to do quite a bit to keep the cost down.

As mentioned earlier, the Mi cable Tidy will allow you to wrap up several accessory cords like your headphones/ear buds as well as a power cable. It has clever cutouts to hold the ends in place after wrapping the cords around the torso of the Mi Cable Tidy.

After wrapping up all your cords, another neat feature is that the feet of the Mi Cable Tidy are lipped up so that you can also charge your device cradled in it while charging from a wall outlet. No more stretching the cord from the outlet to a table.

All in all the Mi Cable Tidy is a pretty neat accessory to have with you to keep things organized and “Tidy”. It also has a humorous look about it that in the green color reviewed, looks like the Android guy. For $6.49 plus $2.99 for shipping it is very inexpensive and will do the job. My only real gripe is that it was not really sturdy enough to hold up the iPad and all it’s weight with the OtterBox Defender Case on it.

If you are interested in grabbing one of these for yourself or want to give one away as a gift, then  head on over to Mobile Fun and grab any one of the five colors they have. Check out below for links.

Mi Cable Tidy – Black

Mi Cable Tidy – Green

Mi Cable Tidy – White

Mi Cable Tidy – Red

Mi Cable Tidy – Blue