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Michigan Judge Fines Himself For Cell Phone Ringing in Court

judge-clarkThings in Michigan have changed a lot but at least some of the values have not been lost which includes a Judge holding himself to the same standards that he holds everyone else. It seems Judge Hugh B. Clark Jr. needed to make a call during a recess, and like many of us, simply forgot to turn his cell phone to mute when he reentered court that he was presiding over. As luck, or lack there of would have it, his cell phone rang and everyone heard it. Judge Clark then proceeded to fine himself $50 for his mistake. He said he didn’t even know why he had it on him and that he was simply in a rush to get back in court. Stating:

"I’m not above the law," he told the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog."We operate by laws and rules and people have to follow them."

Good for you Judge Clark.