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Microfi Nitrogen 0.2.1 MP3 Player Released For Windows Mobile

There are a ton of third party music players available for Windows Mobile, but here is one that is currently free and is finger friendly. It’s called Nitrogen, which sounds really cool, and is being developed over at XDA Developers. Nitrogen will support both QVGA and VGA screen resolutions and already has different themes for you to choose from as well as being open source so you can create your own! Here’s more:


Microfi Nitrogen is a native Windows Mobile application (unmanaged code) that allows you to play MP3 songs stored on your Pocket PC device.
It features a file browser, full skin support, "Shuffle" and "Repeat" modes, a 10-band equalizer with preset support, a built-in sleep mode and a command to blank screen to prevent energy waste while playing music. Nitrogen uses the MAD decoder, which is opensource. As the official releases of MAD for Pocket PC seem to be discontinued, Nitrogen uses the libraries from an opensource player (GSPlayer).
Nitrogen was build due to the lack of finger-friendly players for Pocket PC (you have to use stylus even for simple tasks). It features large buttons and you can browse among your playlist by drawing circles on the screen (tapping in the appropriate space). In future releases the program will be expected to have other extensions support and more features, but such things are still being tested to ensure stability and efficiency.

:: High-quality MP3 playback with MAD decoder;
:: Intuitive and customizable user interface with full skin support;
:: 10-band equalizer with preset support;
:: Large buttons that makes it easy to perform common tasks without stylus;
:: File browser that scans directories to make playlists;
:: "Shuffle" and "Repeat" modes;
:: Adjustable sleep timer;
:: Amazingly fast to load and to play;
:: Command to blank screen while playing to save energy;
:: Native C++ code: no need for .NET frameworks;
:: Extremely lightweight: less than 2mb of storage, around 1.5mb of RAM;
:: Saves the settings in a separate file – does not fills the registry with useless data;
…and much more!

So head on over to XDA to download and get more information. (CLICK HERE)