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Microsoft Reverts to Original Categorical Denial over Google Accusation: Some Suit Accuses Google of Fraud and IP Theft, Likens Google to Spammers, Suggests Bing Search Core Is and Was Already Superior to Google Which Scared Google into this Nonsense; Accuses Google of Attempting to Sabotage Bing Event, Accuses Google Engineer of Feigning His Frustration; Despite Pledge Fails to Clear Things Up, Miffed that this Screwed Up His Plans Yesterday

From Yusuf Mehdi, a suit, veteran in marketing and advertising on behalf of the Bing Team in response to Google’s engineer’s allegations of being cheated by Microsoft: “We do not copy results from any of our competitors. Period. Full stop.”

Okay good, nice and explicit, succinct, so we can go ahead and stop the tape. No wait Yusuf, you said you’d stop, so STOP. But you can’t stop there, can you; no, you’ve got to proceed to admit to what Google didn’t accuse you of, accuse Google of what you implied they accused you of and denying what they didn’t accuse you of.

He’s taking advantage of the complexity of the matter; he’s admitting to what Google didn’t accuse him of, denying what they did not accuse him of. What, you want to read both yourself? Okay, just do me a favor and please read them thoroughly: Google’s stimulus, Microsoft’s [3rd but official looking] response and my source. If it means anything to you, Google’s accusation comes from a respected search engineer with over twenty years of searching under his belt, Microsoft’s comes from a marketer/advertiser/revenue and market share manager/another suit.

I wish someone would sit him down and ask him some simple yes or no questions. For example: Hey, yes or no: Has Microsoft taken advantage of this opt-in browser data not just for URL discovery as you admit to but to effectively replicate the query handling techniques and behavior of Google’s Search with Bing, to dodge the word copying? Is a yes or no too tall an order? Then maybe go through the Google post with a red marker and highlight whatever you believe to be a lie? Work with me. Put this thing to bed and I’m telling you an apology is the strongest soporific you can sprinkle onto this mess.

In case I don’t have his attention but could any of you who read both statements do some roll playing with me?

Someone got an interesting first post comment on this guy’s post:

Oh here’s one guy with some pretty good questions, better than mine. Last one:

Hmm I don’t know, these are suspiciously good and more than one pro-Google comment, sounds like his Microsoft thread has been viciously compromised by a Google internal email-launched flaming. My question is, will Microsoft stop as requested by Google or would that be seen as an admission of guilt that they don’t want to exhibit? Here’s the backstory.

Doug Simmons