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Microsoft Takes Aim At Apple With Cost Savings Ads

Microsoft has not done a real stellar job combating the awesome Ad campaign that Apple has put together putting down Windows and Bill Gates himself. Apple is always portrayed as young and hip, and Microsoft always the parody of Bill Gates, who is a short stocky nerd type guy.

But Microsoft has really hit a home run with this latest ad, check it out:

Basically Microsoft gives a young women named Lauren $1,000 dollars to find the laptop that she is wanting, and if she can find it less that that, she can keep it! So what is she looking for in a laptop? A “speed, a comfortable keyboard and a 17-inch screen” Nothing comes close in the Apple store except a 13” screen Mac Book. Basically having to double her budget she leaves for Best buy where there are a ton of laptops that fit the bill. What did she get?:

The model she walked with features a 2.1GHz AMD Turion X2 with 4GB of DDR2 RAM, 320GB hard drive, DVD-RW drive and of course a 1440×900 17-inch display — definitely a solid system.

Yeah, things are getting good now that Microsoft is taking the bull by the horns and letting people know that there is a great computer for a whole lot less. This is a great Ad which is perfectly timed in today’s uncertain economical climate.

via BGR