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Mili Charging Station Can Do It All!


Here’s an interesting take on the universal charger, the Mili Charging Station can charge just about everything out of the box. It’s good for most phones, cameras and MP3 players out there, just use one of the six included tips. It’s for home or business use, there’s a display on it that can be used for advertising or personal things. It’s kinda neat..


Today MiLi Power, specialist in design and development of portable battery accessories, charging solutions and docking stations, announces the release of the MiLi Charger Station which is a public multi-plug charging station for iphone, android, and other mobile devices. This way, travelers aren’t required to bring all of their cables and chargers on the road.


The MiLi Charger Station is a USB power hub that features a unique 6 output design in order to charge devices at 5v. It can produce 2.1A to charge iPad as well & can handle up to three devices at once. The MiLi Charger stations comes with 6 of the most popular plugs that include iPhone, iPod, iPad, Blackberry, HTC, Droid, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson and other smart phones.


The MiLi Charger Station covers most of the mobile phone, digital camera, and music device market. It comes with a bright LED lighting display to advertise while charging. It is best used in public places like restaurant, library, bar, club, airport, hotel or train station. It is convenient so people can have a miniature charger center at home.